To most, private banking and cutting-edge technology do not seem to be obvious associates. Yet, in today’s data-driven world, not only is technology useful to wealth management. We believe that the right tools are vital if we are to design the most successful investment strategies for our clients. For us, this means employing technology that enables us to exploit data effectively. But this simple-sounding statement belies its difficulty. For as data grows more powerful, it also grows more complex. Our clients told us that our platform had become a valuable part of our offering because it offered them a crystal-clear picture of the composition and performance of their portfolios whenever they wanted it. Today, we license our technology to many other institutions who want to offer that same value to their clients. The decision to design our own platform was a turning point in the history of our bank. By continually rethinking technology, we can now conduct highly sophisticated manipulations of the large volumes of data at our fingertips. And through such analysis, combined with over 220 years of experience, we gain valuable insights that enable us to offer our clients the ideal combination of personal consulting and technology-supported services.